Change Default Port of Apache On Redhat/Cent0s 7


go to link  If you want to change Port in Apache configuration file it’s very easy to do that you can run website on different port also rather than default port.

single frauen aus bamberg Let’s check which Port is listening to which service

go site flirten etymologie nmap -sT -O localhost

Check whether Port 8000 is free or not

see url lsof -i:8000

No output means this port is free

Add this port to firewall

go to site firewall-cmd –zone=public –permanent –add-port=8000/tcp

Reload the firewall to apply changes

firewall-cmd –reload

Add this port in Apache configuration file located at handel opcje binarne opinie /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Restart the Apache Service

b3470fb6a65686b014a940a896613618 Systemctl restart httpd

Create a file at location /var/www/html/index.html

Now try to access the Website Page on browser with IP:8000

go site

You’re done


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