Apache is an open source web server which is widely used in today’s world to host the websites and also applications. Apache allows you to host multiple website on a single IP address using name based hosting. There is an another option Apache  offers you to host one website on a single IP address it’s not recommended if You have multiple website hosted in your organization as it will increase hardware cost as you will have to use many server to host multiple websites.

Check Out Install Apache

Apache  runs on port 80 HTTP and 443 HTTPS and content of website should keep at this location /var/www/html/

Installation Apache

Yum install httpd* -y

Configure Apache Server

Create a test file to test the apache works or not after installing.

touch /var/www/html/test.html   

Now edit this file to type some message “Hello world what are you waiting for just hit it XD”

And Save file wq!

Restart the Apache service

Then Go to the browser and type YourIP/test.html or localhost/test.html

You will see this message which was in the file. If you get any error that means Apache server is not installed properly

Now you can check Apache Version by command

httpd -v

You’re done



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