Create User , Database , Tables in Mysql Server


click In Mysql Server  , I’m going to show you how to create user , create database and tables.

First of all check how many database is present there by command

enter Show databases;

Then Choose any database or make your own by command

click here Create database server;

männer kennenlernen linz Now Use database by

Use server;

Now try to create a table

follow CREATE TABLE cus_abl(

cus_ids  source link INT NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,

cus_ftname  go to link VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,

cus_srname  donde conocer chicas medellin VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,

como ligar con chicos en la discoteca PRIMARY KEY ( cus_ids )


Now table has been created

You can see what’s inside the tables it will empty as we did not assign any values.

You’re done.



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