Sometimes we want to disable the firewall just for testing purpose on the server. This is not recommended to disable the firewall on the server but we can do it for testing purpose only. There is a firewall daemon called firewalld.

By default, Firewall is enable and you can use this command if you make some changes in firewall

firewall-cmd –reload

Daemon is a unix or linux type of program that runs in the background and performs a specified operation.

In redhat 7, firewall daemon is firewalld  and In redhat 6, iptables used for firewall

Check status of firewall by   systemctl  status  firewalld

Stop the firewall by  systemctl  stop  firewalld

Stop the firewall by  systemctl  disable  firewalld

This means firewall is disable which will be in active mode and won’t start at boot time.

Stop the firewall by  systemctl  enable  firewalld

This mean firewall will be start at boot time.

Check pre-defined firewall rules by ls -lrt /usr/lib/firewalld/zones/

You’re done



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