How To Install Python On Windows 7/8/10 ?

views watch Python is an interpreted high level programming language for programming. Python is free to use as it’s an open source for commercial applications and demand of python  language is very high. Check Out Set environmental path

watch With python you do not need to compile a program. it’s directly executed the program.

cherche celibataire sur facebook It is also considered as scripting language like Perl or ruby. Python is also used in Linux for writing some script and also used in Image Processing, Artificial intelligence, Data Science etc. enter Python Features

  1. Easy to Learn and Use.
  2. Interpreted Language
  3. Object-Oriented Language
  4. Cross-platform Language

enter site binäre optionen erfahrungen forum Installation

You need to download Python setup to install on windows from the official sites of python. I have downloaded the python 3.7 version to install on windows.

minocycline 75 mg tablets Package name python-3.7.0b4-amd64

vermox 500mg tabletki Run the setup by double click on it and click on install

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Then it will start initialising

Finally Python has been installed on your machine

Next Step is to run a program in python

Search for python installed on your machine and open idle (Python 3.7.0b4)

This is a python shell where you can test python is working or not. There is also command line python inbuilt install along with setup.

Now I’m going to show you how it works

I have print get link “Hello world” in python if you get the output that means python is successfully installed and working correctly.

You’re done.



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