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IE missing in windows

Internet explorer icon missing in windows ?

We you’re not able to find internet explorer icon on your system or it’s not visible in start program here is the solution for it . You can find internet setting by...
block application in windows

How to allow or block user to install the applications in windows ?

Allowing user to install the application can be risky in co-operate environment we do this for the purpose of security . Application can Only be installed with administrator rights . Go to search...
give remote access to user

How to allow computer to access remotely in Windows ?

Remotely access computer means you’re giving your computer control to someone to perform some action or you can also use your system remotely from another device you do not need to...
window server admin

Set administrator Password in Window Server 2008 r2 ?

Window Server 2008 r2 is a Server Operating system released by Microsoft . It’s only available for 64 bit Operating System. First you will have to install the Active directory in the...
find extention in window 7

Default program editor in windows ?

  Default program is an application which is used to open the file associated with file extension by default. The relationship between program and file extension is also called file associations. You do...
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