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Installation of Mysql 5.7 Database Server

MySQL is an Open Source Relational Database server which is used to store data of any application and websites. MySQL is a widely used Relational database server It uses the Port number 3306.

The latest version of MySQL Server is 8.0 which Now available on Official site of MySQL. This is Secure, Scalability and provides Good Performance.

Security Improvements :

1. MySQL now enables database administrator to establish the automatic Password expiration.

2. Installation creates no test database.

3. To make it secure, MySQL server compiled using OpenSSL can automatically generates missing SSL and RSA Certificates.

4. Administrator can lock and unlock accounts for better control over who can log in.

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Let’s install it, we’re going to install version 5.7 here on our machine along with client. If you root user otherwise, you can use below command with ” sudo “

apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client

Now we can check what Packages are installed with MySQL  

dpkg –get-selections | grep mysql

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File location of MySQL is /etc/mysql/

Now it’s time to secure the MySQL and set the root password of database server for securing command

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It will ask you to set the length of password. it’s depend on you. If you want to specified the length of password.

Now it will ask you to setup the password for root user (MySQL Server)

Keep following above steps

  • Remove anonymous user
  • Remove default database test
  • Disallow remote login

Now login MySQL server with root user.

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After login you will get  a MySQL prompt then check databases available.

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You done



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