How To make Disk partition in windows 7 ?


Disk Partition is used to get the separate Drive where you can keep your data safe as your data will be safe in that drive .

In case , If your hard drive get crash or corrupted , No need to worry your data will be safe in that drive if you have kept data there.

It’s pretty simple just keep following the steps

Step 1 :

Right click on computer then click on device manage ,

You can see I have another partition B for my Data , now right click on that drive where from you want to get some free space for your new partition . In my case I’m going with B partition .

Step 2 :

Click on shrink volume ,

Choose the size here ,

I have shrink 2.15 GB for new partition with the name of E partition ,

Right Click on unallocated volume ,

Click next

Click next

Click next then  you can change volume label here with your desirable name ,

Click next and finish

It will be formatting the unallocated volume after finishing you can see here a new partition is created with E volume ,

And you can also check it in computer ,

See New volume is created successfully.

You’re done.



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