rds database

How To Access RDS Database From Windows Server On AWS

We can create an AWS rds database instance and launched windows. Let’ see, how to access the rds database. How To Access RDS Database From Windows Server On AWS First of all, we need to create a windows server on … Read more

install wine

How To Install Wine 5 Version On Ubuntu 18.04/19.10

We can easily install wine 5 latest version on Ubuntu using the repository. you can also download and install it offline. Let’s see, how to install wine ubuntu. Find the repository link and install them according to your OS version. … Read more

sublime text

How To Install Sublime Text On Ubuntu and Windows

We can download the sublime text from the official website. We can install sublime text on both ubuntu as well as windows 10. Sublime Text 3 is the current stable version.  We can download the sublime for windows and let’s … Read more

How To Configure AWS CodeDeploy With Jenkins On AWS

We can install and configure AWS codedeploy agent with Jenkins integration. we need to install AWS codedeploy plugins in the Jenkins server to integrate. we also need to install codedeploy agent on the machine that will help us to deploy … Read more

install mssql server ubuntu

How To Install Microsoft SQL Server On Ubuntu 18.04

We can install the Microsoft SQL Server on ubuntu using the repository. You can also check the SQL express version and install the client on ubuntu. Let’s see, How to install the MSSQL server on Ubuntu. Check Out: How To Install … Read more

configure aws codebuild

How To Create Build Using AWS CodeBuild Service

We can create, configure, and build using AWS codebuild service in AWS. You can integrate with any service provider where you have kept the code. We will create-project in the AWS codebuild. How To Create Build Using AWS CodeBuild Service:  … Read more