install git bash

How To Install Git Bash and Access AWS EC2 Instance

We can install Git Bash software on a windows machine. We can download and configure git bash terminal on windows. Let’s see, how to configure Git Bash on windows. How To Install Git Bash and Access EC2 Instance: If you … Read more

install openssl on windows

How To Install and Configure OpenSSL On Windows 10

We can install and configure OpenSSL on windows. We will be installing the OpenSSL on windows 10/8 machine by downloading the setup from the website link given below. Let’s see, how to install OpenSSL on windows 10. OpenSSL is a full-featured … Read more

windows admin center

Install Windows Admin Center On Windows Server 2016/10

Windows admin center requires the PowerShell features which are not included by default on windows server 2016/ 20216 R2. So, we will have to install WMF version 5.1 or higher it manually. Windows admin center requirements to install it on … Read more

aws windows server remote desktop

How To Launch Windows EC2 Instance On AWS Cloud

You can also launch and create a windows server EC2 instance in your free-tier account AWS. You will get 30GB of root volume space and only one instance can be created. How To Launch Windows EC2 Instance On AWS Cloud … Read more