git install on server

Push Data To ”Github Repository “ on Redhat/Cent0s 7

Git is an Open source Version Control system keeps the track of files changes among People. GIT  has very fast Performance as compared to SVN. It can works offline also. You can commit changes in offline no need to connect to the network.

You can make your own GIT server or you can use for keeping your files but it’s very only for public repository You will have to pay to keep your files private.

For more details visit  Git Docs

Let’s check git is installed or not

rpm -qa git

Install GIT

yum install git -y

Make a GIT repository

mkdir repeat

This phase will start GIT

git init

Ls –a

See GIT configuration files here

Cd .git/

touch abc

echo “this is my first git setup” > abc

Check status , ?? Means you have just created a files not added in GIT

git status –s

Add file to GIT  repo

git add abc

A Means files has been added and it’s in staging area

Git status –s

Now make commit

git commit -m “first commit”

Check who committed by

git log

Create a username and email of user

git config –global “” && git config –global “TOM”

echo “i repeat the step” > abc

for testing you can commit again

git commit -m “second commit”

Git log

Now we will push the data to the centralized github, Login to your account on

Here you will have to add remote GIT repository/Server where all the data will be saved

git remote add origin

Push the data to centralized GIT

git push origin master

See Data has been pushed on github

Youtube Channel link :  Data To GitHub

You’re done



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