SElinux is a Security module made for linux kernel in order to provide Enhanced Security to Operating Systems. By Default, SElinux linux is in Enforcing mode.

There are two mode in SElinux :

  1. Enforcing mode
  2. Permissive mode

Permissive mode is basically used for troubleshooting at OS level. To set Permissive mode you will have to go the location which is mentioned below

Configuration  file location /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Here You will have to edit this file and set the SElinux = Permissive And more in details if you set disable the SElinux You will have to reboot the machine It’s mandatory to reload the changes.

Install Selinux Policy

Run following Commands on Server

  1. Yum reinstall selinux-policy-targeted
  2. Touch / .autorelabel
  3. Systemctl reboot

After rebooting , You will have to check the SElinux status

Command is   sestatus

You’re done.



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