find files associated with rpm Packages

Red hat Package Management (RPM) is an open source and most popular package utility in redhat to install ,query , remove, update and verify. All the package will be end with .rpm extension.

Let’s do it

  1. Query a package is installed or not

  1. Check rpm signature

rpm –checksig pkg_name

  1. Check dependencies

rpm –qaR httpd

  1. Install package without dependencies

rpm –ivh  –nodeps pkg_name

  1. Check all files of package

rpm –ql httpd

  1. List recent package installed

rpm –qa –last

  1. Upgrade a package

rpm –Uvh pkg_name

  1. Remove package

rpm –e pkg_name

  1. Remove package without dependencies

rpm –ev –nodeps httpd

  1. Files related to a package

rpm –qf pkg_name

  1. Get information about package before installing

rpm –qip pkg_name

You’re Done



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