Set “Environmental Path” For Python On Windows


click In Previous Post we have installed Python 3.7 version on window if you want to access Python from command line , you will have to set the Environmental Path for accessing it .

click here Check Out How To Install Python On Windows 7/8/10

follow site Go to Search type “advanced system settings,” and then select “View advanced system settings” option. In the “System Properties” window will open, on the “Advanced” tab, click the “Environment Variables” button.

source url Click on Environment Variable

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click here Python will be installed on this path mentioned below

enter site C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python37

go site

Click on New under System Variables and add these path to that location

Click on Okay

Now Open cli Python

See it’s working and printed the sito con opzioni binarie italiano Hello world message.

You’re done.



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