How to show file extension in windows ?


File extension is an ending of a file which is used to identify type of file in operating system.  If you’re regular user on windows ,You will have no problem to identify the file type. Here I will show you how to open file extension

Some security purpose you must to know file type before opening it as now-a-days hacker are using this tricks to access the systems.

If you see the yellow color while installing any software on your system I would like to  recommend not to install as it can harm your computer as it keeps virus.

What are File Extensions & how are they used

Different file type have different file extension like audio file have .mp3 , .acc , .wav and more based on the program which is used to open that file .

By default , In windows does not show the file extension as they are hidden

Now I will show you how to see hidden file extension

Open Control Panel > Appearance and Rationalization . Now , click on Folder Options  as it is now called > View tab.

In this tab, under Advance Settings, you will see the option Hide extensions for known file types.  Uncheck this option and click on Apply and OK.

Click on Apply then Ok

Now you can see file extension are shown

You’re done



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