Install ansible Dependencies

Solve Ansible Package Dependencies

If you get any problem in installing Ansible on redhat system, you need to solve ansible package dependencies if you install ansible in redhat 7.

We require two packages Python Paramiko & sshpass  links are mentioned below so download from the site and install Ansible.

Ansible is an automation tool which used to configuration on all servers simultaneously using the ssh protocol.

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In CentOS, you will not face these problem as you just need to connect to the internet which will take you to direct CentOS repository where from it will directly install Ansible in single commands.

In CentOs Case,

yum install ansible -y

I have downloaded the required packages on system.

Python Paramiko package Download here Python Paramiko

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Let’s Install

yum install python-paramiko-2.1.1-0.4.el7.noarch.rpm -y

sshpass Package download hereSSHPASS

yum install sshpass-1.05-1.el7.rf.x86_64.rpm -y

Install Ansible

yum install ansible- -y

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rpm -qa ansible

Main Ansible Configuration File.

That’s it.



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