install web server

 What is Apache Server?

Apache is most widely used web Server Software. It’s founded by Apache Foundation in 1995. It’s an Open Source Web Server and absolutely free to use. It has the ability to host one or more HTTP based website.

It’s fast and secure web server and uses the port number 80 for HTTP and 443 port for HTTPS. We can host multiple website with single IP address using Apache Web Server.


We’re going to install apache web server on Redhat 6/7 version and follow our steps to install it . I’m assuming you have Yum configured on the server.

First check Apache is already installed or not. If you get no output means It is not installed.

By command rpm –qa httpd*

Step 1 : Install Apache Packages 

  Yum install httpd* -y

After running this command Apache will be installed and check it by command

rpm –qa  | grep –I  httpd

It will show you all the dependencies required by Apache web server.

Step 2 :

You can find the configuration file of Apache on this location


Step 3 :

Now you have to start the service of Apache

Systemctl start httpd

You can check status by command

Systemctl status httpd

You also have to start service at boot time So use this command

Systemctl  enable  httpd

YouTube Link : Install Apache

You’re done.



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