ubuntu google chrome

Google chrome is very fast and secure web browser among all the other browser. It’s  not installed by default in Ubuntu machine. There will be Mozilla by default installed in the Linux machine.

If you want to install google chrome in Linux machine, You will have to follow these steps.

Install Google Chrome :

In this article I will show you how to install using Kernal Terminal on ubuntu machine.

Step 1. Go the Google Chrome download page for download google chrome setup for Linux machine.

After downloading the Packages ,

Go to the download location of Google Chrome Setup

Step 2 : Run the command to install the Google Chrome

sudo dpkg –I google_chrome_stable_current_amd64.deb

If you’re non root user,, Use Sudo to execute the command.

If you face any error in installing the Google Chrome , Run this command

Sudo apt-get –f install

This command will fix all the broken dependencies .

Step 3 : Verify the Google chrome Is installed or not ,

Via KernelTerminal type  google-chrome

Or go to the search type Google Chrome .

Youtube Link : Installation of Google Chrome On Ubuntu 16.04/17.04

You’re done.



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