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Step By Step Installation of Grafana In Redhat/CentOs  6/7 Version

Grafana is an Open Source dashboard tool which helps you to query, visualise, alerts on and understand your metrics it does not matter where they are stored. It gives you a great view of data and visualisation using source database.

Currently grafana release a 5.1.0 version before it was 5.0.4 version.It is usually work with graphite, influx-db and OpenBSD. It helps you to Create, edit dashboard.

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Features of Grafana Version 5.1.0

  1. Improved scrolling experience
  2. Microsoft SQL server
  3. Heatmap support for Prometheus
  4. Improved docker image


I’m assuming you have Downloaded the latest version from

I have downloaded grafana version 5.0.3 from the official website for red-hat/centOs7

Now run the command to install it.

rpm –ivh  grafana-5.0.3-1.x86_64.rpm

if above command does not work then try

yum install grafana-5.0.3-1.x86_64.rpm

Go to grafana configuration path


Grafana ladp file path


the default password for login grafana will be admin and admin

Go to the URL for accessing the grafana on browser


Now you will be able to see grafana dashboard

YouTube Link : Install Grafana

You’re done.




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