Step By Step Installation Of Ubuntu 15.10 ?


Ubuntu is an open source operating system for the Desktop User as well as Server and many more Product are available based on Ubuntu .

Ubuntu is Debian-based  linux distribution specially designed for personal use and as well as server.

System Requirement For Ubuntu

  1. 700 MHz processor (about Intel Celeron or better)
  2. 512 MiB RAM (system memory)
  3. 5 GB of hard-drive space
  4. VGA capable of 1024×768 screen resolution
  5. Either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
  6. Internet access is helpful

Let’s begin Installation

Step 1 : You can install Ubuntu via USB or CD

When you will run the Ubuntu you will see this ,

Step 2 . After Loading the files this will start the installation of ubuntu on your machine . I’m showing you  only few images as it keeps copying the files so I do not need to show you every images.

Step 3 . This is the last step of installation of Ubuntu , I’m skipping the images .

Step 4. The finally the Ubuntu has been installed on your system without any failure.

Step 4. Put your password here and login to the machine. If you want to login as root user this can be possible from terminal . you can have same password for both the users.

Youtube Link : Install ubuntu

You’re done Enjoy !




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