There are many ways to check the system usage on your machine. I will show you the top 5 commands with the help of we can find the usage on linux machine they are very useful.

  1. Free – it shows the total amount of free memory and  used physical and swap memory in the system.

Free –m  

This commands Display the amount of memory in megabytes.

  1. Vmstat – it reports virtual memory statistics about process , paging , block I/O , system and cpu.

3. Df –h commands shows the free space in the systems

  1. Top –  this commands basically shows the displays the Memory and CPU usage per process It provides dynamic real time view of a running system.

5. Cat /proc/meminfo – this file stores statitics about memory usage on linux based systems. Almost same as free commands and also shows you the buffer , cached and memory available.

You’re done



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