adduser in redhat

 In This Article ,We’re going to show you useful commands of useradd which helps in daily work for system administrator. We will show you how to add user using two different commands.

  1. Let’s add user

We have added user using two different commands adduser and useradd both works the same.

Useradd ravi

Adduser raj


grep ravi /etc/passwd && grep raj /etc/passwd

2. Let’s set a full name

If you want to specify the full name of a user this is also possible in Linux using  “ –c “  options.

useradd raj -c “Raj sinha”

grep raj /etc/passwd

3. USER with No Home directory

if you want to create a user with no home directory then use –M options

useradd -M testing

4. Manually Assign UID

If you want to assign UID to user, Use –u option

useradd -u 1500 test

grep test /etc/passwd

5. Change USER home directory

If you want to change home directory, use –d option

usermod -d /opt/testing testing

grep testing /etc/passwd

6. Lock USER account

If you want to lock user account, use –L  options

usermod -L raj


I have locked raj account and trying to access it.

su – raj

7. Unlock User Account

If you want to unlock the user account, use –U option

usermod -U raj

You’re done



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