How To Access AWS Server Using the Private Key

In our previous post, we have created the security group to access the aws server using the key. You must have a .pem key when you created the server. you can download and connect ex2 instance using the new ssh key pair in AWS. Now you can connect ec2 instance to login using ssh.

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How To Access AWS Server Using the Private Key:

we can also make this at the time of server creation and later attach it to the server. By using the key, you can not access the server because you need to convert it to .ppk.

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I have key and going to covert it, open the puttygen

How To Access Amazon

Click on load and select your .pem key and save as any name webserv.ppk

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 download key pair aws

Now open the putty and put the IP address in the hostname and click on ssh to load the key.

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 ssh login ec2

Click on open and now use username: ec2-user which is the default username for AWS.

You’re done. connect to ec2 instance ssh ssh login ec2 download key pair aws new ssh key aws

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