How To Access Kibana Dashboard Using Domain Name On Linux

You can configure the Kibana dashboard by change Kibana URL in kibana.yml file and also make changes for the Kibana log level to analyze the issues. By doing this, you can do Kibana access external with the domain or IP address.

How To Access Kibana Dashboard is used to a visualization of data in graphical. It uses the port 5601 to make a connection with Elasticsearch. You have to install Kibana on the same server where Elasticsearch and Logstash installed.

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How To Access Kibana Dashboard Using Domain Name :

I do not have a DNS server configured on the machine. So I will make an entry in my local machine. you also need to open the Kibana port in the firewall.

So, you need a domain name to change the URL of the Kibana server and make an entry with IP and domain name in the DNS server.

Let’s begin the installation

vim /etc/hosts
ip_address_elk_server       hostname_of_kibana

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So, now you have to change this name in kibana.yml file.

vim /etc/kibana/kibana.yml

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Find in kibana.yml “kib.elasticsearch.local”

Access Kibana dashboard

save the file.

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So, Now accessing the kibana using this server name.

url http://kib.elasticsearch.local:5601

kibana log level

That’s it. kibana access external kibana log level change kibana url configure kibana dashboard

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