Active Directory Integration With Grafana Version 5.x.x

You can see we have already configured settings for Active directory integration with Grafana version 4.x.x in our previous post. we can do grafana integration authentication with LDAP to login the user. so

Active Directory Integration With Grafana Version: so

Active Directory user authentication with Grafana for security purposes. you do not want to log in any unauthorized user to your Grafana dashboard. so

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Once you have downloaded and installation finish with version 5. you just need to change one attribute in the configuration file to get the user to authenticate with active directory. All the user needs to be login once using their credentials. you can also provide the dashboard to the user with their login.

We have already provided you the solution for authenticating the user in Grafana 4.x.

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Now a little modification required for version 5.x.x in Grafana LDAP file located at /etc/grafana/ldap/toml

In Section [server.attribute], so

You have to change Username = ” sAMAccountName”

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Now restart the Grafana server service and try to login with Active directory credential on GUI of Grafana login page. so

That’s it. ldap integration with grafana login authentication

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