How To Add Member In GitHub Repository Project By Invite

Supposing, you have created a repository in the GitHub account and looking to add members in this repository. Adding team members should have an account in GitHub otherwise you can’t add them. You can either invite or add them directly to GitHub. Let’s see how to add members in GitHub and GitHub to add a user to the organization.

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How To Add Member In GitHub Repository Project By Invite:

Log in to your GitHub account and create a repository.

Add Member In GitHub

Now you need to add team members to this repository. So they can also access this repository to update and make changes in the files. GitHub adds the user to the project which is the part of the repository.

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Click on Settings → Collaboration & teams

Collaboration & teams

Now you have to click on create a team. you can more members in this team and also assign the permission to the member what they can on this repository.

github private repository team

Give it a name and click on the create a team.

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Once the team created, now go to the team and look for add member on the left side. you can directly add the member here when you will see “add this member to Technical_team”.

team created,

Add the member here to whom you want to add to this team. you must be sure about giving access to the member because if you assign full access to the user and repository to get deleted so there’s no way to get it back and add team member GitHub account.

Adding team member

After completing, these steps you will see in the repository the aryango member would be the part of this repository. Now they can access and see the repository in their account and will start working on it. you can also download the GitHub desktop software for this.

You’re done.

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