Allow Host Computer To Access Remotely In Windows

How to Allow host computer to remote desktop access in windows machine. You can also enable and remote desktop connection in windows.

you can also allow specific users to give remote of the machine with their own credentials. so you can easily find out who accessed your machine and who’s online right now on the server.

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There’s no additional software required for accessing the computer over the internet. you have an option in computer properties. you must have checked the remote option in system properties. you can also allow users to log in to your machine remotely just simply add them.

You do not need to physically exist on the computer. Let’s see, how to allow the host computer to

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How to enable remote desktop on Windows 10:

Right-click on computer properties and select change settings.

Allow Host Computer Access

Now click on Remote to allow to access your computer remotely. Check on remote

You can also perform some other tasks here too according to your

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enable remote desktop windows

Click on “Allow Connection” and click on “OK“.

Turn on remote desktop windows 10:

We can also enable remote desktop using the settings in the windows machine. Follow the below instructions. 

  1. Click on “settings” and Once it’s opened then click on “system“.

2. Now Look for “remote desktop” and click on it.

how enable remote desktop

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3. By default, it will be “off” and now you have to change it to ‘On“. it will ask you to confirm it. 

how to enable remote desktop in windows 10

Then click on “Confirm” and it will be enabled as shown in the below figure.

remote access enabled windows 10

Once it’s done. you can see there’re two options available in the above picture. Let’s increase the security. 

Click on “Advanced settings” and keep the “Bluetick” mark on the box. It will ask you authentication before connecting your computer. 

windows 10 allow remote desktop

You can take the remote session using Microsoft remote desktop recommended. The remote desktop uses the port number 3389 to connect with your computer using remote desktop. 

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Allow remote desktop windows 10 using Control panel:

We have another way to allow the host computers to remote access using Microsoft remote desktop. 

Open the control panel using the “control panel” in the search bar. Once it’s opened and then click on “system and security“.

how to setup remote desktop win 10

Now look for “System” then click on “Allow remote access“.

 access windows 10 remotely

Once you have opened it and just “tick” on allowing remote connection to this computer box as shown in the below figure.

enabling remote desktop

Now Click on “Apply” and “ok“.

We’ve successfully shown you how to setup remote desktop on window 10 and allow remote access window 10 using different ways.

You’re done enable remote desktop windows remote desktop connection

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