How To Allow Push Web Notification In The WordPress Website

OneSignal is push notifications service for web, mobile notification. you can install OneSignal on your WordPress website to get the notifications from newly posted articles from a particular website. if OneSignal is not working WordPress, then you may check the settings in your OneSignal account. OneSignal is available for web push and OneSignal API. this is a good idea about push notifications web to your viewer. Let’s see how to allow push notification using OneSignal.

How To Allow Push Web Notification In The WordPress Website:

We can install a push web notification browser app on the WordPress website. We have created a tutorial on web push notification and I will show you the example of web push notification.

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Once you install the plugin and activated this one, you can check in plugins installed.

push notifications service

Open the OneSignal and Follow the instruction.

onesignal not working wordpress

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Before setting, you have to create an account and signup.

free web push notification

Check your email to verify.

onesignal web push

After confirmation of account verification.

web push notifications wordpress

you have to click on new app/website,

OneSignal API

Now you have to choose one platform to get configured, I have taken web push and click on Next.

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onesignal api limits

Configure the web push platform of your website.

Setup your website information here.

one signal push notifications

Now switch back to OneSignal plugin settings to your WordPress site and paste both APP ID and API Key.

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Now OneSignal notification activated for google chrome and Mozilla but you will also need to activate it for the safari browser. Go to the OneSignal website and click on settings then chose apple safari.

It will ask you for your website details as you defined for google chrome and click on save.

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Now, activated and click on it to get the webid.

Now go back to your WordPress site to activate it activate and paste the webid.

Don’t forget to click on save and now visit your website to check it’s working.

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Visit your website from another browser and check this message should come.

That’s it push notifications web onesignal not working wordpress push notifications service

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