facebook instant articles

How To Enable Instant Articles To Monetize Your Contents

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How To Create a Facebook Page For Business Brand

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configure onesignal push notification

How To Allow Push Web Notification In The WordPress Website

OneSignal is push notifications service for web, mobile notification. you can install OneSignal on your WordPress website to get the notifications from newly posted articles from a particular website. if OneSignal is not working WordPress, then you may check the settings … Read more

add user to GitHub repository

How To Add Member In GitHub Repository Project By Invite

Supposing, you have created a repository in the GitHub account and looking to add members in this repository. Adding team members should have an account in GitHub otherwise you can’t add them. You can either invite or add them directly … Read more

email whitelist

How To Whitelist Domain In Microsoft Office 365 Admin

By default, when an email arrives at your mailbox this will be dropped in inbox within your organization. Let’s see how to whitelist the domain. Whitelist domain and email in office 365 which are coming in junks. if someone sends … Read more