How To Assign Elastic IP To Server On Amazon Cloud

How to assign elastic, you can see I have one instance running and will attach this Elastic IP to the server. Right now the public IP automatically assigns. you can attach and association with elastic IP to ec2 instance in AWS public as well as static IP.

you can buy and assign Elastic IP to your running instance. This is a permanent IP that won’t be changed when your instance reboots.

How To Assign Elastic IP To Server On Amazon Cloud: so:

This will be chargeable when you’re not using it with any instance.

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how to assign elastic

You need to create an Elastic IP in VPC. so

VPC -> elastic IP -> allocate new address

elastic ip association

Click on Allocate new address

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elastic ip with ec2

Elastic IP allocated.

attach public ip ec2

You have to associate this IP to a server.

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static ip to ec2

Click on the Associate address

Now check the IP has been assigned. so

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I’m also able to do ssh using this IP so

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That’s it.  static ip to ec2 attach public ip ec2 elastic ip with ec2 elastic ip association

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