Boot Ubuntu Machine In Rescue and Emergency Mode

Boot Ubuntu Machine In Rescue and Emergency Mode

Ubuntu is the most popular Operating system for desktop users. It’s always been free, secure, and friendly with users. We can boot ubuntu  20.04 LTS or any version of the ubuntu machine in rescue and emergency mode if you forgot the password or there’s something wrong with it. we can also say it as recovery mode in ubuntu.

We use these modes where we have problems with file systems and you forgot the password of root users. we can recover the password or fix the file system corrupt issues using these modes.

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If you have made a mistake in /etc/fstab file where we define the mounted file system and you reboot the machine then it will automatically boot in the emergency mode.

Boot Machine in Rescue Mode:

We can also say it single-user mode. Once you start the machine then you will have to press the ‘Esc‘ to interrupt the boot process before starting boot. you will see the below figure. 

ubuntu boot emergency mode

Note: Before appending the rescue mode. if you find the word ‘$vt_handoff’ then you have to remove this string that exists in the Linux line. 

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Now we have to press ‘e’ and look for the Linux line where you have to add ‘‘. Once you added this as shown in the below figure, you have to press ‘ctlr+x‘ or ‘f10‘. 

ubuntu recovery mode

it will boot the system in rescue mode and press the ‘Enter‘. you can change the password of the user then reboot the machine.

ubuntu boot emergency mode

Emergency Mode:

By default, the file system is in read-only mode. You have to interrupt the booting by pressing the ‘Esc‘ and then press ‘e‘. you need to find the Linux line where you will define ‘‘ and then press ‘ctlr+x‘ or ‘f10‘ to reboot the machine.

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This mode is mostly used to fix the file system corruption where we can’t boot the machine in rescue mode as of file system issues.

ubuntu rescue mode

Once it rebooted in emergency mode, you have to press ‘Enter‘ and you can find the issues here but I will recover the root password. By default, all the partition or filesystem will be in read-only mode when you’re in emergency mode. we have to make it writable using the below commands. 

mount -o remount ,rw /

Boot Ubuntu 20.04

Now, you can change the password and reboot the machine. you can start working normally like u used to do it.

You’re done ubuntu recovery mode boot 20.04

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