Epel repository error

Cannot Retrieve Metalink For Repository: epel/x86_64. Please Verify It’s Path And Try Again

First, We will try to install Epel repository by using the same method. if this does not work, Now follow below step to troubleshoot Cannot retrieve metalink for repository.

This happens when your machine is not able to fetch or make connection to Epel Repository. 

Step To Troubleshoot Cannot retrieve metalink for repository.

Step 1 : yum install epel-release

yum repolist

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Step 2 : So you need to check if there are these two files Epel.repo & epel-testing.repo available or not in /etc/yum.repos.d

Solution 1: There are Both files, You just need to edit these files one by one & uncomment the baseurl line and comment the metalink line. There can be mirrolist instead of metalink.

vim epel.repo

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You need to do this in both files epel.repo and epel-testing.repo then run the following commands

yum clean all

yum repolist

Now You will see epel-repo

Solution 2: You may need to update your certificate

yum –disablerepo=epel -y update ca-certificates

Note : You can also change https to http of mirrorlist URL in Epel-repo.

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Solution 3: if above Solution does not work for you. Try this

rpm –rebuilddb

yum clean all && yum makecache fast && rm -rf /var/cache/yum

YouTube Link : Epel-Repo Error

You’re done


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