How To Change Default Torrent Program on Ubuntu

When you download any files that come with a torrent file or magnet URL. Let’s see, how to change the default torrent on the browser. We can also set or make default to the chrome magnet link that will open automatically on ubuntu when you download using it. we will set and change the default torrent on Ubuntu. We will try to change the deluge.

How To Change Default Torrent Program on Ubuntu:

As you can see the default torrent downloader in ubuntu would be the transmission. 

chrome open magnet links automatically

Right-click on the torrent file and choose properties. 

how to change default torrent

I have installed a deluge in our previous article, So I will make it default torrent application. Select it and click on set as default.

change torrent on ubuntu

Make Default Magnet URLs:

When you download the files using the torrent files either file or magnet URL. you have seen the magnet URL ask you to open from the browser. we can also make it default.

Run the below command to check the default program and alternatives program to open the magnet URLs. 

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ gio mime x-scheme-handler/magnet
Default application for “x-scheme-handler/magnet”: deluge.desktop
Registered applications:
Recommended applications:

If you want to set the deluge as default, you can use the below command.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo gio mime x-scheme-handler/magnet deluge.desktop
[sudo] password for ubuntu: 
Set deluge.desktop as the default for x-scheme-handler/magnet

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If you want to set the transmission as default magnet URLs, you can use the below command. 

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo gio mime x-scheme-handler/magnet transmission-gtk.desktop
Set transmission-gtk.desktop as the default for x-scheme-handler/magnet

Make Default Magnet URLs On Google chrome & Firefox:

When you download the torrent files from the internet and it asks you to select the torrent which is installed on your machine. So, if you don’t want to do that, you can make changes in browser settings. 

Firefox Settings:

Go to the Preferences -> General -> Applications -> look for magnet. you can see, this is set on always ask. we’re gonna change it.

chrome magnet links

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Click on Always ask – > select your torrent  

make default torrent

Chrome Settings:

1. Click on the Chrome menu on the browser bar.

2. Select the settings – >  show advanced settings

3. In the privacy section -> content settings

4. In the dialog, you see the handler sections then use the drop-down and select the default.

You’re done set default torrent ubuntu change magnet links  chrome

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