How To Change Gitlab IP URL With Hostname In Linux

How To Change Gitlab IP URL, If you want to access Gitlab Server with hostname instead of IP address, So it can be done. You just need to Point the IP address to Host-name in DNS Server. You can change the host-name, and URL with external GitLab URL not working.  

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How To Change Gitlab IP URL With Hostname:

I have made an entry in /etc/hosts because I do not have a DNS server configured here. You can do the same if you do not have DNS Server can also buy a domain name and configure this with GitLab IP and access with the domain name.  

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Make an Entry in the Host file

vim /etc/hosts

{Ipaddress host-name }

gitlab external url

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Now make changes in Git-lab file at the location /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb and look for external_url

Changed it to

external url gitlab

To make changes in a file run,

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

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As you can see git-lab has been now accessible with host name

gitlab hostname change

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You’re done gitlab url not working gitlab external url gitlab change hostname Gitlab Server with hostname

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