Default port change jenkins

Change Jenkins Default Port To Access

You can change the default Jenkins port in the configuration file in the centos. By default, Jenkins uses the port number 8080.

If you need to change it from default to another port, It can be 
possible. First, you will have to stop Jenkins service then go to this 
location for charging port. 

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Jenkins is a CI/CD tool for the software development cycle. you can use this tool for creating the build and automatically whenever you commit the code. This will start compiling the code and if it finds any issue, This will send the mail but you have to configure email in Jenkins.

vim /etc/sysconfig/jenkins

Change Jenkins Default Port

As you can see, Port changed from 8080 to 9090,

jenkins port change

Start the Service,

To make sure, You can run below command to check whether It’s running on port 9090 or not.

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ps -ef | grep jenkins

Add Jenkins port in the firewall

Now Access URL with port 9090 & change the URL According to your need,

Jenkins is ready and configured

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Now Start creating your job here.

You’re done jenkins port configuration file change jenkins port centos jenkins configuration in centos


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