Check Apache Server Status Using Mod_status In Linux

How To Check Apache Server Status Using Mod_status

Apache Server Status, you can configure it, so it can be possible using a module available mod_status. It simply shows you the status of the server including load, hits, CPU usage, etc. you can also configure apache server-status and dashboard. you can also do the same with apache check and enable status on windows.

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Let’s Begin,

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There is no need to install any package for this module in order to use it. You just need to define this in Virtual-host.

Module Name is mod_status

Define under VirtuslHost

Code is

<Location “/server-status”>

SetHandler server-status

Require host


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You just have to put this code where you want to check the status of Virtual-Host. I’m not using here Require host if you want, You can use it.

Check Apache Server Status

Now try to check it’s working or not by typing http://ip/server-status

In my case is,

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YouTube Link :

You’re done check apache status windows apache server-status dashboard enable server status apache

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