How To Check Git Logs In Gitlab Server On CentOS 7

How To Check Git Logs, If you want to check the git log using the command line So you can check it there are many options available for checking the git logs.

How To Check Git Logs In Gitlab Server:

I have created a testing directory where I will make some files and also configured the user who will use this repository to check the logs later.

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mkdir testing

I have configured the user for this repository.

Now I have added a file and commit it.

Now start checking the logs

git log

With -p or patch option you can see the difference in each commit.

git log -p

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git log -p -n where n is used to the number of limit entries

git log –stats

The above commands show the same result but are very useful for code review or quickly to browse what happens in a series of commits including file changed & insertion.

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With –pretty options, this shows your output in format rather than default.

git log –pretty

you can check Commits in a one-line

git log –pretty=oneline

Check logs using the format

git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %s"

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%h= hours

&an= author-name

%s= subject

Check logs using Graph format

git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %s" –graph

For more options, you may check it here on official site of Git

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You’re done

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