Check Inode Number of a File Or Directory On Redhat/Cent0s7

Check Inode Number, This data structure in a UNIX-style file system which describes file system object such as file or directory. It stores the basic information about a regular file, directory, or other file system objects. you can also find the inode number using the command in Linux.

Inode counts equal to the number of files and directories in a user account or a disk. we can also use df -i command to check the inode value.

Note: when you copy a file to a new file, the new inode will be created. when you move the file to file, the inode does not change.

It contains all the properties of the files but not the name of a file.

Check Inode Number of a File Or Directory :

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You can check number by using -i‘ or ‘stat’ commands

ls -i /etc/group

the Inode number is 17640022

Check Inode Number

The other way to see the inode number using the below command.

stat /etc/group

The similar way you can check the inode of a file also,

ls -li abc

And also using stat command

stat abc

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You’re done Find inode number linux command

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