How To Check Kali Linux Version Using Command Line

Kali Linux Debian based Linux distribution designed for forensics and penetration testing. How to check the Kali Linux version using the terminal command installed on your machine. I have installed the Kali Linux in the VMware workstation.

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We use this Linux distro mainly for security purposes in our network and also used for penetration testing for security on Linux. you should have a Linux background to use and you can become an ethical hacker if you know distro very well.

How To Check Kali Linux Version Using Command Line:

There’re lots of certifications available based on security in Linux. It’s an open-source Linux distro that you can install on your machine without any license requirement. Most of the companies used this to find the vulnerabilities.

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Way 1: Run the below command to check the version installed.

cat /etc/os-release 

Check Kali Linux Version

Way 2: Run the below command.

lsb_release -a

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Way 3: Run the below command,

cat /etc/issue

the output would look like.

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Way 4: hostnamectl

Way 5: uname -srm

You’re done check kali version from terminal

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