How To Check Linux Version Using Command Line

How To Check Linux, here we’re going to tell you some commands with the help of you can find the version of your operating system. you can check the RHEL version using the command line in Linux.

This is the simplest way to find using the command line with a single command. There’re lots of commands you can use to find the version

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How To Check Linux Version Using Command Line:

The below command used to check the version as well and can also set the hostname with this command.

hostnamectl set-hostname server_name
  1. hostnamectl

This command will show you the release version of the operating system.

2. cat /redhat-release

This command can also show you the same as above. 

3. cat /etc/system-release

If you want to check in CentOS, you may follow the below commands to get the details about the machine. The latest version of the Linux family is 8.2 Beta available at Redhat official site.

you can also download CentOS 8 because you won’t get any issue related to packages to download and install.

we can also check CentOS Version using the below commands.

  1. cat /centos-release
  2. rpm –query centos-release
  3. lsb_release –d

You’re done check rhel version command command to check rhel version

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