Check MySQL Slow Queries In Mysql Database Server

Check MySQL Slow Queries 

You can use the command to check running slow queries in MySQL.

Sometimes we face issues in database response time one of the causes 
may be as slow queries are running in MySQL. There are many ways 
to check slow query in MySQL.

I have installed maria-db on the server and created a database called testing & create a table.

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Create table

CREATE TABLE student (id INT, name VARCHAR(20), email VARCHAR(20));

Check MySQL Slow Queries

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Insert data to table Student

INSERT INTO student (id,name,email) VALUES(1,”Pankaj”,”“);

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Check Slow query: the below command will show you the slow query 
there is no slow query as I just created You may check at the running
database server.

show processlist;

Another way is to check slow queries is status or \s;

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