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We can check other devices logged in into our Facebook account. We can check login activity on Facebook as well as logged-in devices. 

Check Other Device Logged In Into Your Facebook Account:

We can easily check these activities from our Facebook account. you have to log in to your account and look for “Settings” then click on “Security and login“. 

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Once you have got that, look for ” where you’re logged in” as shown in the below figure. 

According to the latest changes in the Facebook account, you will see a “see more” option with the above image.

you can simply log out from one device or click on “log out of all sessions” then it will ask you for the confirmation. 

Enable Two-factor Authentication:

you can also enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account. you can find it when you click on “Security and login”.

how to see other device logged in into facebook

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Click on “Edit” and you can see you have two methods of securing your account. you can use any of them.

check other device

Security using Text Messages: 

Once you click on it, it will ask for your mobile number to secure your account with a text code message that will be sent on your number before when you log in to your account.

You will not be able to log in without that code. Once you have enabled it.

login activity facebook

Secure using Authentication Apps:

You have to install third-party authentication apps like Google Authentication. Install it on your mobile and open it to scan the bar code.

facebook logged in devices

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Once you have scanned the bar code, you will see a code on your apps then you have to put those code here.

click on “Continue“.

facebook login devices

When this is activated, you will have to put the code from your app to log in to your

That’s it. facebook login devices


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