Check Swap Partition Using Command On Linux Server

There’re lots of ways to check swap partitions. you can check swap partition size in Linux using the below commands. We can separately create it using an additional disk on the Linux server.

Check Swap Partition Using Command:

Swap partition requires when your process is consuming your psychical ram when other process needs the ram to execute the tasks.

So, there’s a solution we can create this partition whenever the shortage of ram
occurs on the Linux.

The Swap partition will come in the picture to give the ram to the process those required but this is slower than the psychical ram.

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You can use ‘-m‘ option to display the ram in MB.

free -m

command to check swap

This command will show you the information in summary.

swapon -s

swap partition in linux

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you can also use this to check the free swap memory.



swap partition command

cat /proc/swaps

You’re done  swap partition in linux swap partition size

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