Mysql backup

Command To Restore And Backup Of MySQL Server

Command to restore and backup MySQL is an open source database server available in today’s costly world. It’s important to have a backup of your files and application. It helps you to restore the backup of applications and website etc according to your need.

mysqldump is a tool or command line interface with the help of you can have backup of your files.

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Let’s begin

I have created a test database on my database server and changed database.

create database test;


For backup, The command is

mysqldump –u username –p [database_name]  >  filename.sql

mysqldump -u root -p  test > testdb.sql

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Now backup has been created

backup created

Command For Restore, The command is  

mysql –u  username –p [database_name] < filename.sql

The above command is to take only one database if you want all database backup together the you can use this command

mysqldump –u username –p –all-database > filename.sql

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if you need to have backup in tar file, You will have to specify the method in mysqldump command is

mysqldump –u username –p | gzip/bzip2  > filename.sql

It’s good practice to have backup in compressed form.

You’re done

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