Configuration of NFS Server To Share files & Directories Over The Network

Configuration of  NFS Server stands for Network File System which used to share the files and folders between Unix/Linux machine over the network. We can configure and mount the NFS share point using the command on Linux.

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Benefits of NFS Server:

1. It allows local access to remote files

2. We can secure this with firewalls and Kerberos

3. The operating system is not necessary to be the same.

Port Number 2049 for TCP/UDP

File Location – /etc/exports

Packages need to be installed are nfs-utils and portmap

Configuration of NFS Server To Share files & Directories:

Portmap – It maps calls made from another machine to connect RPC Service. In version 4, it’s not required.

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On Server Side,

Install Packages nfs-utils

Define the NFS location in /etc/exports and make a directory called testing.

Change domain in /etc/idmadp.conf

Start the Service

systemctl start rpcbind nfs-server

Configuration of NFS Server

Also, run exportfs -a

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On Client Side,

Also, install the Packages mentioned above in the post and start the service. Now testing, Create a directory on client-side in the Working folder to test.

mount nfs

Run the below command to mount the NFS share

mount -t nfs nfs-server-ip:/location-of-directory-made current-mount-location

mount nfs on linux

Don’t forget to add the port in the firewall,

firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=2049/tcp
firewall-cmd --reload

And you can see, Data getting stored on NFS directory Server.

configure nfs on linux

That’s it nfs command in linux mount on configure

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