Configure Role Based User Access In Jenkins Server On Linux

Jenkins user permissions Linux on security purposes because if there are no roles defined, any user can run builds of other projects. you can install role-based authorization Jenkins plugins & defines user security based on Jenkins’s roles and responsibilities. Jenkins allows you to Configure Role-Based User authorization for security purposes.

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Configure Role Based User Access In Jenkins Server On Linux:

Click on Manage Jenkins and install Role Base Authorization Strategy Plugins

Configure Role Based User

After installation of Role-Based plugins, You need to go “Configure Global Security”.

jenkins security realm

Select the Authorization Method.

user security in jenkins

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Click on Manage Jenkins -> Manage and Assign Roles

jenkins user permissions

Click on Manage rules,

jenkins user permissions ubuntu

here you need to create a global role and I created Employees and click on add.

After this phase, you need to permit Employees according to your needs.

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Now Come to Project roles, you have to create a project which will match the pattern.

Note: Job created Name Should be the same in Project roles.

I have created apple project roles and click on add.

Now Permit Project roles and user will be able to do only what permission are assigned to this project roles.

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Apply and save.

Go back to Assign Roles,

jenkins matrix based security

Here you will add users in global roles and items roles.

role based security

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Now test user will be able to see the apple project and test 1 will be the cisco project.

jenkins user permissions

Now Create a job with apple and cisco project to check the configuration.

Click on New items and login with the user.

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In the same way, do this for the Cisco project.

jenkins user permissions

You’re done. jenkins user permissions jenkins user permissions linux jenkins user permissions linux


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