How To Configure Simple Notification Service(SNS) On AWS Cloud

We can configure the Simple Notification Service (SNS) and create a topic in AWS. It’s a notification service provided by AWS. we will receive the alerts using these services from any other services like EC2. An alarm will generate on EC2 instance and email will be triggered using email notification SNS service.

We can easily configure SNS in AWS and This is a paid service provided by AWS. Let’s see, how to configure SNS on AWS.

How To Configure Simple Notification Service(SNS) On AWS Cloud:

Search for SNS service in the AWS search bar. Once you got it. You will have to create a topic for the services.

You can configure the other options on this topic as well.

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Now click on Create topic.

Now, this is ready and we have to create a subscription.

You can have to fill the information here and I have chosen the email protocol you can have another option too. Put the email id where you want to receive the alerts.

aws sns push email notification

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Now Click on Create subscription and it will be remain pending until I don’t confirm it on the Gmail.

how to get email notification in aws

Go to Gmail and confirm it.

email notification sns

I have received the confirmation email and click on the confirmation.

sns service in aws

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You can also check it on SNS service. The email notification is confirmed and now you will start receiving the alert using these email addresses.

We need to configure the alters on cloudwatch to get the resource utilization and you have to provide these email id on that. Once the threshold exceeded, the alert will be triggered to this email id.

sns create topic

YouTube Link: Create SNS on AWS

That’s it. sns create topic email notification

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