Varnish with apache

Configure Varnish To Work With Apache On CentOS 7

I have already installed Varnish On CentOS 7 with Apache web server. I’m going to configure Varnish to work with Apache.

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By default, Apache listen on Port 80. In previous article, I have configured Varnish to lget content on Port 8080.

Step 1 : So you need to change the Apache port to 8080 in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Changed Listen 80 to Listen 8080

Step 2 : Restart the Apache and Varnish Service

systemctl restart httpd && systemctl restart varnish

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Step 3 : Now verify Varnish & Apache working together.

curl -I

This is my Apache Server ip which i have changed in /etc/varnish/default.vcl

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The output should be looks like

You’re done



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