How To Copy AMI Image From One Region To Another Region

We can share and copy the AMI image to another account in AWS. We can also create AMI and share AMI across the regions between the accounts. Let’s see, how to copy the AMI image.

How To Copy AMI Image From One Region To Another Region

Suppose, you have to copy the AMI image from one region to another region, we can’t do this directly. To get this done, you need to follow the below instructions.

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Note: you can’t share AMI to another region directly, we need to create an image then copy to another region because you can only share AMI in the same regions.

I have already launched a Linux EC2 instance and will create an AMI of this server. I have launched this server in the N.Virginia region.

Select the server -> Click on Actions -> Image -> Click on Create Image

I have only root volume attached to the server, if you have an additional volume attached to this EC2 instance, it will automatically detect and displayed here.

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You can also add the new volume as shown in the below figure.

Now Click on “Create Image”.

aws share ami with organization

You will find this image in the Image Section > AMI under the EC2 service.

copy ami image

Now we will start copying this image to another region. Let’s see how to do that. Select the AMI you want to copy then click on “Copy AMI”.

aws copy ami

Select the region where you want to copy the image. If you require to encrypt this image you can click on Encryption options.

share ami image

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Click on “Copy AMI”.

share ami across regions

AMI is created now in the Ohio regions. Let’s go there and check out.

share ami between accounts

As you can see we have the same image here from Virginia to Ohio regions. You can click on Launch to create a new server with the same data.

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Note: AWS doesn’t charge the charges for COPY AMI to another region but you won’t see these parameters on this new AMI like no tags, permissions, and bucket permission to the AMI.

You have to manually apply to the newly launched server.

That’s it.

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