Copy Data From Docker Host In a Running Container

If you want to copy data from the docker host in a running container, So it can be done with ‘cp‘ command in docker. You can copy the folder and file it in the container. you don’t need to find a docker copy file from where. you can also copy the files in a stopped container and put them later once the container up and running. 

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Copy Data From Docker Host In Running:

You do not need to worry about if you forgot the copy data during creating an image. This is a simple command to achieve the task without stopping the container and you don’t need to log in the container as well.

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Docker Copy Format :


Suppose I want to copy vhost.conf which is created at root partition. Now I want to copy this file to a running container from outside the container.

touch vhost.conf

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Copy files

docker cp /root/vhost.conf b9947aefe406:/etc/httpd/

copy folder in container

Access the container to check Data copied to the specified path.
docker attach b9947aefe406

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As you can see file copied at the location

YouTube Link: Copy data in running container

That’s it. docker copy file from copy folder in container

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